Hey Pastor

Hey pastor!
So, you are planning a two week vacation and you look around for someone who could preach the next two Sundays. You glance upon your elders – some of whom are way more qualified than you in education and in years. You see your youth pastor ready to take a stab. Your worship leader who has a great heart and is a phenomenal communicator is your best choice.

But you randomly point at someone and say “You’re it. You need to preach on tithing the next two Sundays while I’m gone.

Doesn’t make sense right – barring a divine revelation? You have overlooked the right people and chose someone to become an expert public speaker & researcher on a difficult topic – all within a week.

And this person has a full time job.

Most churches do this. Believe me, they do.

No. You may say so. But they do – just maybe not with preaching. Churches find people with full time jobs, who have very little knowledge on the topic, and have them build their church website. The only qualification being that they have Photoshop on their Mac.

See where I’m going with this?

Churches most times have one of the staff design and develop their church website or have the resident volunteer designer/developer who has a full time job develop a complex website.

Developing an effective website takes years of learning. The people who develop world class websites for the biggest brands in the world work in teams: planning, designing, testing, studying the users, prototyping, then developing. When everything’s said and done, they test constantly; making sure the site is effective and not just “pretty”.

Once a website is launched, there are content teams that develop content strategies by researching what their users would like to read about, ad teams, social teams and so on. All of these folks are experts in their field and have been doing it for a while, with tremendous results.

When a church chooses a DIY/instant website provider (web sites where you sign up and choose a template and then begin building) and hand over the user name and password to your assistant pastor, you are essentially saying to him “Become an expert in all these things in a week”.

Church – you care about the people who walk into your building or house. You make sure their experience is great and they fed and will return as you grow. We at EasyChurch are dedicated to extending that care to your visitors to your church website. Show your visitors, guests, and the seekers that you care about their digital experience.

At EasyChurch, we are those people that have worked at large enterprises – planning, designing, testing, developing, optimizing, developing content strategies, and creating great user experiences. We’ve worked at companies that sold for billions of dollars, had dozens of global websites in various languages, with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month.

We bring that enterprise thought leadership of useable, scalable, and sustainable, to the church.

We do all the work for you, you just approve things. We design, develop, import all your content from your old site, launch your site and then teach you how to easily manage your site. But we’re always there to support you.

If you are thinking about a new website for your church, contact us. We’re the experts.

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