The formalities. In this Terms & Conditions page when we use words such as “We”, “EC”, EasyChurch”, or “Easy Church”, we are referring to ourselves. Also, when we say “client”, “clients”, or “you”, we’re talking about paying clients. It does not cover former nor future clients.

EasyChurch is a paid subscription.
This means you will need to enter a credit card information and we will automatically withdraw the subscription price (based on the contract). There is no guarantee that the price will remain at that amount. It could go up. Things happen. You will however be given fair notice.

We do not personally handle your card processing. This is done by a service called Stripe. Stripe is a trusted leader in this space. They are like PayPal. In that case, we do not handle security. Stripe does. We are not responsible for any breaches. You can always talk with us and we could help as much as we can – which is going beyond what we can do. There are a lot of companies that use and trust Stripe. We are just one of them.

Once we create your website and launch it for you, you are responsible for all content – in the sense that you make sure that it isn’t copy protected. Images from the internet are generally not free. The content – every word and ever image, and ever frame of every video (and what other content format you publish) is yours. We do not own it, we do not use it, we literally want nothing to do with it.

However, if there are reports of any content that breaks any law or is proven that it was copied or used without permission, we would take necessary action. This would start off with a discussion with you. However, if the nature is serious, we will take action after notifying you. This could be temporarily removing or permanently deleting the offending content. We really hope, and don’t expect this to happen – because we get to know our clients. But you should know, the content lives on servers we are responsible for.

Your content is backed up daily. If there is any issues, we will restore content to the previous day. We do not own the servers. We lease them out. Having said that the best of servers and technology has it’s problems and outages. In the case of an outage, we will keep all our clients updated over email and social media.

If we have to restore content, it would be back to the previous day. In this case, there could be content that was lost – a day’s worth. We just have to mention it. So we are clear.

Take a break. How are these terms going so far? Easy to read right? I guess it could be called EasyTerms.

Break’s over, back to business.