3 Things Every Church Should Do in Google My Business Every Week

Let’s keep this short and to the point. Here are 10 things you need to do every week for Google My Business. Also, I assume you already have a Google My Business account created for your church. If not, stop reading this blog, go create it then come back. It is THAT important.

Okay, here’s the list.

1. Get Reviews

Always ask for reviews. This could be on social media, email, or printed material. Ask your home group leaders to talk about it. However the method and your comfort level, make sure you ask and get reviews.

2. Reply to Reviews

Respond to every review. Don’t just say “Thanks” or something like that – though you could for a few. This is your chance to use “keywords” so respond with keywords (without going overboard) in a natural way. So “Hey, thank you for visiting our little church in Acworth. Glad you loved it.”

“Church in Acworth” being a sample keyword. Possible keywords would be your city, church, church name, landmarks, etc. anything that talks about the church and its location is a good start.

3. Content

Most churches are active on social media. Google My Business should be an extension of that. Google My Business has an “Events” tab and every Monday you should create an event (with image) for each service. Add the series name and other details.

Apart from that, create new posts – about 3 a week if you can.

Why is this important?

Being found on Google is important. More people will see your Google My Business listing than visiting your web site. So getting content that will attract new users is important. Also, the more fresh and rich in key terms your content, your chances of showing up well increases.

If you need help with setting up and optimising your Google My Business, Contact Us. We’ve helped churches with their online presence. Getting them from “worst to first”.

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