How Quickly Can Your Password be Hacked?

We all hate passwords. There are so many rules with each site. People end up either using the simplest possible password or the same password across all web sites they use. There is a danger with simple passwords and using the same password across all sites.

Hackers get passwords by automating bots that constantly hit your account and tries to guess your password. These bots are surprisingly quick and can hack passwords in seconds – if they are simple. But what constitutes a “simple password”?

Here’s a handy chart. See where your password falls. While following this method isn’t “hack proof”. It just offers a guide. Hacking is basically “figuring things out”. So your password can be brute forced or guessed or just random tries or by piecing information about you etc.

Take this time to check your passwords. The password to your bank should not be the same as the one you use for Facebook.

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