Church Website Remorse

Website remorse is that sinking feeling, maybe sometimes just a little tug, you feel when you raise your head up after spending hours on launching a new website and realising that the finished product isn’t what you hoped it would be.

This is not your fault. This happens even when working with agencies or a freelancer. When you are caught up in the details and making compromise after compromise, the sum of those compromises are evident as soon as you launch your website. It could be anything from a disaster (like a Pinterest Fail) or minor things.

That’s when church website remorse sets in.

You make a PowerPoint slide, the pastor talks it up and your users go rushing to the site. Then they realise it doesn’t work on mobile, or they can’t find what they were looking for, or it is just plain hideous.

Church – we’ve all seen those website examples that look fantastic. You’ve signed up for them, then pored over the documentation and by trial and error, you get something that is “good enough”. The internet is littered with church websites that once held great promise.

The path to great websites isn’t wide. It is narrow. As with anything. Quick and easy generally doesn’t lead to good things. Don’t be lured by cheap, fast, & easy. Avoid church website remorse.

If you can afford it, hire a mid-sized agency. They can charge anywhere from $30,000 to $120,000. I’ve worked with such agencies.

If your budget is smaller, hire a freelancer. Your resident church “web guy” perhaps. If you go this route, do the heavy lifting. Set clear goals and expectations. Ask for constant updates on specific features, measure this against your overall goals.

Be specific about what you want. If expertise is lacking in web design and development standards, sit down and do some research. Google it up. Find sites you like – make a note why. Find church websites, see features. Then talk with your web guy and work on specifics.

Of course – you can always choose EasyChurch. We’ve over 15 years experience building over 5000 websites for large billion dollar corporations. We have that experience and accrued intelligence.

Try us.

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